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"Gulf to Gulf - The Long Walk"        $32.95
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To see the track of the walk on Google Earth click on the
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What a team

From the back cover:
   Jeff Johnson, self-confessed ‘bushie’ of no fixed abode, decided almost on a whim to walk across Australia, south to north, to raise funds for charity. Spurred on by the memory of his deaf-blind niece, whose death was the catalyst for this extraordinary undertaking, he battled hoons, the fear of an attack by dingoes and the vastness of the interior to achieve his aim. Surviving on what he could carry on his back, and without back-up, he walked 2500 kilometres in 151 days. This is the story of his walk, the outback characters he met along the way and, of course, the untamed grandeur of inland Australia.  

   Written and audio book reviews are on the media page.

Buy Direct from Jeff
   I will be able to sell individual copies, particularly to family and friends, and I will provide a copy of my photographic record of the walk. There are 2,500 photos on a DVD that normally sells for $5, but which I will include in the retail price ($32.95) for direct sales and where I personally sign a copy of the book. Postage and handling may be added. 50% of profits will go to the DeafBlind Association of NSW. Contact me with this form or email me direct:

Jeff's email address image

   That's an old email address. It should be jeffj at

   A copy of the book will be provided to any media organisation that will do a review of the book or conduct an "on-air" interview with me to discuss the walk or the DeafBlind Association.

  Please email me via the contact us page if you have any questions about the walk or the book. 

Download a sample of the book (33 pages PDF Document 3.6Mb)

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