Jeff's Walk


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Jeff's Walk Route
Port Augusta
Rawnsley Park
Wirrealpa Station
Balcanoona Ranger Station
Monticollina Bore
Merty Merty Station
Cordillo Downs Station
Mount Isa
Burke & Wills Roadhouse

My current location and future movements
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Retrace Vehicle Stolen & Recovered in Normanton

Bill had purchased a vehicle for Jeff in Newcastle so that they could both drive back along the route Jeff walked to revisit and thank the people that generously looked after him along the way. Bill recently drove the car up and connected with Jeff at Normanton....

From Bill:
At 3:15 a.m. Thusday, 30th August, this morning while Jeff was asleep in his tent and I was in my swag alongside the front wheel of the retrace vehicle, someone took the keys from my shorts from under my pillow. The car was pushed backwards and started at the second try and took off fast. (from 2 persons adjacant to us, who commented that "we" were noisey leaving ). I later thanked this couple for a loan of a pair of trousers!

Later Jeff woke me and aked "Where is the car?" I thought he was joking and asked "Where did you put it?". So called 000 and reported to police who though off duty arrived in less than ten minutes. After the usual descriptions of car etc, the police turned round to search the streets etc. Just round the corner the siren started and the chase was on. The police stopped chasing as it was too dangerous but kept following the tail lights. The offenders jumped out of the car while moving and took off. The car went through a barbed wire fence and came to a halt. The speed warning alarm was set at 180 Km! Police drove our vehicle back to Normanton.

Some things were thrown out of the windows earlier and later collected by police. Most things seem intact including our amateur radios. An amount of cash was taken with some cash spilt loose in the back seat. Wallet later found under clothes etc on the front seat. Camera too, with some video footage taken by or new "friends". Police here in Normanton have downloaded the video for examanation. The police were very fast to respond, very kind and efficient. Some damage to the car, dents, damaged bumper bar, paint scratches and windscreen rubber cut by the barbed wire. All this without number plates as the car was half way through Queensland registration.

Jeff's Physical Condition
Checked by Professional staff at Boulia Sports & Aquatic Centre
18th July, 2007.

Weight: 77.9 kilos

Body fat: 16.6% (Bordering on too low. Last percentage point of just ok.)

Metabolism of a 38 year old

Bone mass: 3.2kg (very good)

Water level: 57.1% (very good)




Since 23rd May, 2007