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First Step
Jeff at Manly Beach, Sydney get-together with the DeafBlind NSW group
The open road. Flinders ranges on the right
Already walked to 'end of districts':-)
Empty coal train returning to Leigh Creek
Day 2 camp, welcome dense shade
Quorn Railway station from the 'rail' (non street) side
Quorn historic building
Quorn historic building
Quorn Itchi Pitchi rail "staff"
Well documented. This is for the historic weighbridge
Day 7 camp. Outside the fence. Trespassers prosecuted.
Most of the pioneers work ended like this
Old rail bridge. First roadside water
Old railway station. Now quaint restuarant
Solar panel with temporary clamp repair
Hawker. Flinders Ranges Caravan Park. New (working:-) antenna
Hawker "The Equipment"
Hawker hotel licensee John Starling & Jeff in full road gear (we're going fishing in the 'Gulf')
A short walk to Wilpena, then to Arkaroola

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