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Media Information 


   Media interest is encouraged and welcomed as it will assist to raise awareness of the DeafBlind Association through the continued sales of the book "Gulf to Gulf - The Long Walk".

   Media personnel may use any material from this web site, including pictures, without further permission.

   I am available for telephone interviews and can be reached via my mobile telephone 0423 043 516 or through the contact us page.


Media Interviews and book reviews

   Audio files of previous interviews are listed below and can either be downloaded or listened to from this site or redirected to the site of the organisation that conducted the interview.

Interview in Hawker on the walk 
ABC Nicole Dwyer, for the Townsville region - 24th April 2007

Amateur radio site 99 hobbies USA

"Conversations" ABC interview 12th June 2009

ABC Brisbane 612 book review 20th June 2009


   Print media interviews and reviews.


   Printed book reviews from radio.

ABC Brisbane 612 book review 20th June 2009