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the DeafBlind Association (NSW) Inc.

Jeff at Manly Beach, Sydney get-together with the DeafBlind NSW group

Jeff at Manly Beach, Sydney get-together with the DeafBlind NSW group.

Jeff's walk is aiming to raise $60,000 towards the purchase of a bus for transport and excursions for DeafBlind persons including wheelchair access.

Donations to date: $5,739.70
DeafBlind and Jeff thank you very much for your kindness..

There are several reasons for Jeff's walk but one of the most important is to raise funds and awareness for the DeafBlind Association. He is making an enormous effort to walk this distance on his own WITHOUT a support backup vehicle of any kind. Everything he needs for the journey he carries on his back in a backpack. This includes, food, water, clothing, a small tent, thermal sleeping bag, the satellite phone, radio equipment, antenna and a battery big enough for reliable communications. He wears a solar charging panel around his neck to keep power up to the battery while he walks in the hot sun. At night, this time of year the temperatures can drop to around zero degrees Celsius and so warm bedding and clothing are essential and this is quite heavy to carry over a long distance. The weight of the backpack is about 28 Kg. His fresh water supply weighs 8 Kg alone. Every possible saving in weight has been made, for example, even the toothbrush is cut in half.

Jeff would very much appreciate any donations toward this very worthwhile cause.
Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. Thank you in advance.

Donations to the the DeafBlind Association (NSW) Inc. can easily be made by one of the following methods below:

At any Commonwealth Bank by direct deposit to the
DeafBlind Association (NSW) Inc. BSB: 062255 and A/C No: 10006178
(Keep the deposit slip butt for a tax receipt)

SMS your phone number to 0419 420 239.
You will be phoned back to safely accept credit card details and address for a receipt. Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa are accepted.
Or by contacting them directly - (details below).

NSW DeafBlind Association - DBA (NSW) Inc.
P.O. Box 1295 STRATHFIELD NSW 2135

Telephone Voice: 02 9744 0160
Mobile: 0419 420 239

TTY: 02 9744 0160
Fax: 02 9744 0171


The DeafBlind Association (NSW) Inc. is a peak body for people who are DeafBlind in NSW. It provides advocacy, support and social networking services to people who are DeafBlind. Once a month - hopefully more often in the future - the HandoverHand Club meets on a variety of activities decided by the members.
There is a monthly newsletter - Rainbow News.